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  • In 2009, a significant development was witnessed in the province of Balochistan when the Women Development Department was bifurcated from the Social Welfare Department. Subsequently, in 2011, the department was granted its own full-fledged directorate. This marked a crucial step towards achieving gender equality, equity, and women empowerment in Balochistan.
  • The mandate of the Women Development Department was designed with a specific objective of addressing the pressing issues of women in the province. The department aims to create an enabling environment for women to participate actively in various spheres of life, including economic, social, and political domains. It endeavors to empower women by providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills and abilities, promote their leadership qualities, and increase their access to resources and services.
  • The Women Development Department also endeavors to ensure that women are able to exercise their rights without fear of discrimination, violence, or exploitation. The department has been proactive in creating awareness about women’s rights and the laws that protect them. It has also established mechanisms to respond to cases of violence against women and provide support to victims.
  • Through its various initiatives and programs, the Women Development Department has been able to bring about a positive change in the lives of women in Balochistan. It has been successful in creating a network of empowered women who are playing an active role in shaping the future of the province. The department’s efforts have not only benefited women but have also contributed to the overall development of the province.
  • The establishment of the Women Development Department and its subsequent elevation to a full-fledged directorate has been a significant step towards promoting gender equality, equity, and women empowerment in Balochistan. The department’s mandate to address the issues faced by women has been instrumental in creating a conducive environment for women to thrive and play an active role in various domains of life.


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